Wonderous Stories/Zebra @ NYCB Theater! (and a small bit of other stuff)

Howdy ho, folks! Well, just got back from seeing Wonderous and Zebra at NYCB. The show was freakin’ AWESOME! Hopefully the “Usual Suspects” will have video/audio posts up, though I’m working on my own angles to get some goodies for everyone. I have a bootleg already that sounds -passable-, and I’m being generous, but it’s better than nothing for those who couldn’t be there to see it themselves. The surprises WS did were just AMAZING, and to spoil one of them…. well, I’m sure you’ll hear about it anyway because it was fantastic! RICKY made a special appearance! Zebra was also great, and even did some Zeppelin to finish off the evening. It was awesome. If you weren’t there, then SHAME ON YOU! No, I kid! But next time, go…. it’s THAT GOOD!

…short note to close it off. New site looks good, right? Well, there are a couple bugs we’re going to stomp out in the coming days. IE doesn’t play nice (does it ever? Really?) but FireFox, Safari, and Chrome don’t seem to have any issues. They aren’t show-stoppers, just IE doesn’t like the picture galleries or blog links.

OK! I lied. To close the post, Wonderous Stories was just awesome. They played a little bit of everything for everyone, not because they want to appeal to the widest audience, but because they CAN!