I think September, 2014 is gonna be a good one!

Shows and homecomings and Revampings, oh my! Now that your loyal webmaster has been freed of his old job and is now in a wonderful new job, more time can be put into the site! First up, as you can see, is the general layout. There were mumblings that gigs were hard to see and find, so now they are on every page on the right side and on the bottom! Also, the contact form has been updated and made less spammy! This means less messages to our beloved Ringmaster will get missed and that’s ALWAYS a good thing! As much of the commenting goes on with the Facebook, I cleared out all the users of the site (there were over 6 thousand spammers!) so things should be a bit more smooth! 🙂

Do YOU have a suggestion for the site? Or for something else tech-related? Give me a shout! primo geek at the gmail dot com! No ‘the’, of course 🙂 Or, if you’d like to chat with Kenny himself, sing him a song and swoon hello!

Interesting Tidbit:

The most current gig at KJ’s, their homecoming, was pretty darn cool! The early songs were pretty surprising, born of a random chord or note progression that spun into the actual song. When they say they play it by ear, they mean it! The rest of the show was equally awesome, and anyone who was there can tell you that just like every other show, this one was unique and beyond spot on with the talent! …and to think Kenny doubted his vocal chords! Great job, guys! Can’t wait to see you at your next gig!