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The Who's "Tommy" plus Half Step

May 17, 2024

On May 17th at "The Space at Westbury" Wonderous Stories will perform the entire Rock Opera "Tommy" from The Who.
We won't be just playing every song but it will be a multi media production with film and slides explaining the story as it goes along.
The band is lucky and excited to add two of the best singer/performers that you could ever want to hear.
Tommy Bowes and Ed Rain Ryan will be playing specific parts in the show .
May 17th 1969 is the exact date this DOUBLE ALBUM music was released and we will play it 55 years to the day.
As if this wasn't enough, the tremendous Grateful Dead tribute "Half Step" will be paying homage to the two albums released in 1969 by the Grateful Dead
"Aoxomoxao" & "Live Dead" will be performed live.
They are amazing musicians and there will be definite interaction between the two bands.
If you like one of the two bands being tributed better than the other, come in with and open mind and watch these two bands playing the music the right way and I believe you'll come away with an appreciation of the two classic rock styles.
This will be a very special show and not just bands playing songs.
We hope you can join us.
Here is a link for tickets![0]=AT3Hufb7L0Y8TIDi1J7r5d9GpTsVdhuN6T9KoMlCp6K9ZJtB5BXIQt24_bulILTNhWkKq9hrdbScqSDrlnbc3rrlFcvxK5wRk9xbo8HuJ8Uz5DmlqUDLaZy63OkqwWYGE5BNCeX_4lEDiO2hzWbI2yz6ojW1rCvQzTl3Hr1hrk9f33y1uPDBFDT34jmlIOkkOvQFlVE1G_N0vf6hv7aYXdk

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